Happy holiday to all!

Dec 25, 2010 |

Just to let everyone know that I'll be away for 2-3 days and will only hv limited internet access. Plus I've guests sleepover at our house so most of time I'll be apart from my lappy. All shipping be done once i come back from my trip to Rocky Mountain & Colorado Spring around 29-30 Dec. I'll reply emails/pm/comments once I got the chance to online. I'll be fully at your service on 1st Jan 2011!

Those who ordered and paid for COACH, Leapfrog, Nine West, Baby Phat, Avent bottle, Baby Jorn Carrier, Carters, Fabric.com, book on ebay, sewing pattern all of your order has arrived safely at my house. I'm not expecting any parcel to arrive next week.

If ..if..if.. anyone buying something and your parcel is expected to arrive my home within 26-31 Dec..pls pls pls send me email with title URGENT! (Your Name) so that i can make arrangement to make sure ur parcel arrive at my door safely.

With this I close all personal order/spree for 2010. Thanks a lot to everyone for making Moleygarden US Shopping Spree Jun - Dec 2010 a success story! Alhamdulillah! All new order that come in will be place on 1st Jan 2011. Hope next year spree will be another success story to tell! InsyaAllah. Happy holiday to everyone!

10% extra off Leapfrog Items! Slash over slash

Dec 20, 2010 |

25-75% off and free shipping on everything plus an extra 10% off on all discounted item..slash over slash..Yup! You read me right!

Here's price list of items..i might left out some of it, email me those prices that I missed. Go to www.leapfrog.com to choose your goodies. 

$79.99 - RM298
$74.99 - RM279
$68.99 - RM257
$55.99 - RM208
$49.99 - RM186
$46.99 - RM175
$42.99 - RM160
$39.99 - RM149
$34.99 - RM130
$29.99 - RM112
$19.99 - RM74
$18.99 - RM70
$15.99 - RM60
$14.99 - RM56

Prices good as long as WINTER10 promo code can be use. As usual email me links of items u want to mamamelor at gmail dot com and I will reply u with totals

Love quilted things? You got to see this!

Dec 16, 2010 |

I'm on my way to finish up my son and his cousin Akid, a baby quilt. We had 2 tiger cubs this year hehe. As I'm browsing through I stumble upon Vera Bradley websites. I've seen their store during my trip to Colorado Mills last few months. They also have one store in Park Meadows too. If you or a person you knew love quilt or love quilted stuff..this might be the perfect holiday treat for yourself or a gift to someone you love. To my crafter visitor, their creation might inspire you to create such an adorable creation. Jom cuci mata and get inspired!

Picture from thepheonix.com

Salam and hi everyone!

It's holiday season here. Well..I'll be going to Park Meadows on Saturday 18th Dec 10 US Time (19 Dec M'sia Time) to buy few custom order. my main to-go store is Victoria Secret. If ..if..if. you have anything in mind that you would like to have, send me link of item and I will quote you price. Full payment is required to my Maybank account on all confirm orders. If..if if the item you want not available at the store, I will either refund your money or we can order it online when i got back home :). There are tons other shop in Park Meadows. You can see the shop listed at this link. I can stop by at these shop if anyone want anything from there. This save you RM21-40 on US ground shipping if I were to order the items online for you. So! grab this chance. See what u like..send me link to my email mamamelor @ gmail .com (without space) in this format ok ladies!

Subject:  Park Meadows Spree Dec10 - (Your Name)
Link of item - qty, color, size (if any), type (if applicable)

I will reply you with price in RM and estimated shipping to M'sia. If ..if..if ..if...i got a very good respond from everyone to join this spree I might open a Large FRB to coop shipping your items in bulk to M'sia, so everyone can throw their stuff in as long as it fit in the box, you all will share the shipping cost to M'sia, and it will be Poslaju by my partner in M'sia.

Ok to help you started, here are the websites that you can go to pick your holiday goodies!

Aish..banyak lah yang kalo list semua..hahah click link utk tgk shop apa yg ade kat Park Meadows nih..owh btw, there are Babies'R US and Toy'RUS nearby the PM mall that I can stop by if anyone want anything.

p/s: someone gonna kill me for this ads hahah!

SPANX at 10% off!

Dec 8, 2010 |

I've 10% discount card for SPANX item at www.spanx.com if anyone woud like to get anything from SPANX this is the time. Discount card from SPANX is very rare. So! If anyone would like to get anything from SPANX email me. This promotion close on 15 Dec 2010. 10% off all SPANX items. One coupon means on time purchase only.

To order email me subject: Your Name: SPANX 10%
Includes links of items, style no, color, size, qty.

I will email back with discounted price 10%.

Ship to M'sia is around RM42 in flat rate envelope. Can fit up to 3 SPANX.
If you order more than 3 i will quote saperately. So! gather ur friends and combine your shipping to M'sia with them and enjoy SPANX this New Year Eve!

Visit www.coach.com

Hi Coachies!

See what I've got in my mail box today. Coach sure love me a lot hahah! Do i need a reason to spend hah? :P So those who missed the spree last November, now is you turn to splurge!!

Okes..kepada anda2 yg berminat silelah click link nih utk tgk price list. Pls. baca apa yg i tulis dalam pdf. file nih. This card ade limit quantity to purchase, kalo lah exceed limit I will drop order those came in last. So if you came first with full payment, you've save your spot :). Go to Coach.com and pick your goodies now!

To order send me email with subject  - (Your name) : Coach Holiday 2010
1. Style No, Color, Qty.

And I will reply you with total and estimation shipping cost to Malaysia. This time around all item will be shipped direct to you from US.

Read the headlines? Don't believe it? Ya rite..slash over slash. I received newsletter from Fabric.com this morning and they are giving few Thanksgiving coupon. Up to $74.99 get 20% off, $75-$149.99 get 25% off and $150 and up get 30% off.

I saw few nice designer fabric and cute novelty prints like:

Cat in the hat




 Food and beverages!

Please read this carefully before placing order. 

Price after 30% less is RM39/y only for ALL fabric with price $7.98/y ONLY at Fabric.com. We reached more than $150 total. If total order reach $75 or $150 in total, price will be lowered according to the discount we get. So..the more we order the more we safe. 

For other design/print with different price email me links of your choice for quote ok.

1. Poslaju will be added based on total yard you order as follow:

1-3 yards : RM6
4-6 yards : RM8
7-10 yards : RM10
*You can combine with Flannel Black Friday spree.

2. Send me your order in this format to my email mamamelorATgmailDOTcom with subject : Your Name : Fabric.com Thanksgiving Sale.

Order : 

1. Batman Brick Signal Yellow/Black- 0.5yard

Back-up order:

*Please includes back-up selection in case the one u choose is out of stock. This is MUST. If not you'll end up getting refund if fabric u want is out of stock.

3. I will reply ur email with total to be paid. Full payment must be in by 26 Nov 2010 Malaysia date.

4. I will place the order on 27 Nov 2010 Malaysia date.

5. For those who already have personal order with me but your box has not been ship to M'sia yet, your price is RM23/yard. This excludes who joined COACH spree or ur item has been quote with Poslaju cost.

6. Please, please please...do not email me asking for price i've mention if up there...do not email me asking for discount..if you buy 100y pon..that;s the best price i can give. do not email me with incomplete info that i asked above. do not email me asking kain ni boleh buat apa...hehe pls ask En. Google. You can make lots of thing with cotton. 

Salam everyone,

It's Joann Black Friday this weekend 26-28 Nov! So I'm passing some good deal on flannel! Regular price is $5.99, on sale for $1.29!!!

Please read this carefully before placing order.

1. Your price is RM25/y. Termasuk ship to M'sia but not Poslaju. Poslaju will be added based on total yard you order as follow:

1-3 yards : RM6
4-6 yards : RM8
7-10 yards : RM10

2. Send me your order in this format to my email mamamelorATgmailDOTcom with subject : Your Name : Flannel Black Friday.

Order : (example; No 30- 2y, No 45: 1y)
Back-up order:

*Please includes back-up selection in case the one u choose is out of stock. This is MUST. If not you'll end up getting refund if fabric u want is out of stock. Imagine ppl will be line up in the early morning before Joann open on 26 Nov and I might be one of them to grab you order..if i'm not that lucky, your prints might run out. So..having a back up is the best and i can get other prints for you.

3. I will reply ur email with total to be paid. Full payment must be in by 26 Nov 2010 Malaysia date.

4. This spree box will be ship to Malaysia on 29 Nov 2010. Expected to arrived Malaysia around 10 Dec - 15 Dec 2010. Then will be Poslaju to you after that.

5. For those who already have personal order with me but your box has not been ship to M'sia yet, your price is RM13/yard. This excludes who joined COACH spree.

6. Please, please please...do not email me asking for price i've mention if up there...do not email me asking for discount..if you buy 100y pon..that;s the best price i can give. do not email me with incomplete info that i asked above. do not email me asking to order design that I didn't tag with number and don't ask why :).

7. Remember you save a lot on Black Friday sale, it doesn't involve US ground shipping cost because I myself will be going to the Joann store nearby my home. So pls. be considerate.

Ok..here's the pictures of flannels. 100 prints to choose from! Click on picture for larger view.

Owh before I forgot..flannel can be used to make kids bedding set, blanket, swaddle, burp cloth, cloth wipes, cloth pad, cloth diaper, pjs etc lah.

Cuddly fabric anyone? Minky, Chenille?

Nov 9, 2010 |

It's snowy in Denver today. First snow for the season. I'm thinking of warm softy cuddly fabric like minky or chenille for small project for my baby hehe! As I'm browsing, I spotted few website put them on great price. Check out these website:

1. Joann - Minky Dots 
Add RM26 for US ground shipping if I have to order online.
Add RM10 if my local Joann Store carry the color u want.
Let me know if you other things from Joann and I can quote u my price. 

2. Minky Delight Fabrics
Bought from this site twice for custom order.
Lots to choose! Email me links for price ok!

3. Chenille Magic.com
Another Minky and Chenille heaven!
Email me links for price! 

Salam and Hi everyone!

This is for COACH Lover or soon-to-be COACH owner hehehe this entry is for you.
I received this newsletter in my inbox this morning!
COACH US will be having sale! 25% off on all items from 5-14 Nov.
Perhaps this is a good time to buy!!!

Dream no more! Go cuci mata at coach website now!

Email me for prices! I wont bite! :P



receive 25% off

Jom join US Shopping Spree at with MG!

Oct 11, 2010 |

This group is extension from this website. It's open to all Malaysia friends who want to join US shopping spree. There will be lots of items to be offered. If you have anything in mind that you would like to purchase from US let me know and I will consider to open a coop order for you.

Coop order items will be combine ship to Malaysia! This will save you shipping cost! You're sharing the cost with others rather than paying shipping cost alone. All prices already includes US ground shipping and ship to your door by Poslaju! (Unless stated otherwise). You don't have to worry about TAX, Custom clearance, we'll take care that for you!

How coop order work?
1. You place an order before closing date in the database available in US Shopping Spree Yahoogroups.
2. Wait for me to request a payment from you. (M2u, CIMB, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal accepted)
3. 1 week take for the item to reach my home once spree is close all people have made payment. (If you delay payment, it will delay me to place order).
4. 8-14 business day take parcel to reach my partner in Malaysia.
5. 1-3 business day to reach you by Poslaju!
6. We will take care all the tax/custom clearance for you includes Poslaju! Price of item includes all of this!

Current Spree open is:

1. SPANX - www.spanx.com - love this! Close 18/10/10
2. Cloth diaper - Bumgenius, Grobaby : Would like to buy other brand? Let me know ok! The more people buy the same brand the cheaper it will be because we can buy the 12pk or 24pk and get the fraction of price!
3. Baby Legs - http://www.babylegs.com Close 18/10/10
4. Victora Secret - www.victoriasecret.com
5. Forever21 - www.forever21.com - anybody can be a fashionista now!
6. Awesome yummylicious fabric from Etsy!
7. Lots of fabric from Quilthome.com!

More to come! I will add from time to time, if you would like to add other item pls. feel free email me and I will add that for you! Till then!  Pass this info to your sister friends too! Thanks for reading this!

*Sisters from Brunei and Singapore are welcome to join! Shipping to you will be an individual shipping not combine. 

*Update 11/10/10
This spree is close. Thanks to those place orders. I will process the order shortly and those who haven't yet make a payment please do so asap. Your delay lead to me delay on placing orders. Thanks!

Hi! I've uploaded pic of Irfan wearing Woombie swaddle in my FB album yesterday and some mommies asking me about it! Since the thing is very light and small packing it's not worth paying RM42 (FRE) for the shipping. So I decided to help mommies save on the shipping by held a coop order for this item. Prices as listed:

The Original Woombie RM130.00

The Summer Woombie RM130.00

LEGGIES Woombie - RM135.00

Preemie 1.3kg - 2.7kg
Newborn 2.3kg - 5.9kg
Big baby 6.4kg - 8.6kg
Mega 9kg - 11.3kg

You can see colors available for each type in this page http://www.thewoombie.com/placeorder.html

Prices shown is inclusive of USPS ship to M'sia and POSLAJU to your address. This coop will be open untill 30th Sept 2010. Full payment is expected by 5th Oct. 2010. Item will be shipped to Malaysia and my partner will deliver it to your address by Poslaju. Expected date to ship to M'sia is 12th Oct. 2010. Expected date to arrive M'sia is 20th Oct. 2010. So, if your due date is before this date, you might want to consider getting one size bigger for your little one unless your due date is Nov and up. Newborn grows fast! For ex: Irfan is 6w in the pic, he is 5.2kg and wearing Big Baby size.

To place your order is write comment to this entry or email me in this format.

Color: (visit this page for more color available http://www.thewoombie.com/placeorder.html)

If you have any question in mind pls. don't hesitate to ask ok dear!

Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all visitor! I know some of you already back to work on the 4th and 5th day of Syawal but I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of open house this weekend in M'sia! Same goes here in Denver. Meriah jugak sambut  hari raya kat sini!

September is a  National Sewing Month in US. I received few of newsletter from online fabrics shop informing they are having attractive discount for sewers or anyone looking for fabric and notion! You may want to take a look at at Joann.com, Quilthome.com and Fabric.com. However in my entry today is about mix and match fabric for your project! I was looking for set of fabrics to remake the infant car seat cover for my new baby Irfan and without doubt I went ahead to Etsy because most fabric seller in Etsy have a very good eyes of color! Look at their fabric bundle by yard offer!


Isn't they beautiful-licous to own? Click on this link to browse over two thousand combination of fabrics in Etsy. If you see something that you like just email me the links and I will quote the price for you! Remember i can fit up to 7 yards in Flat Rate Envelop (FRE) cost only RM42 shipping to Malaysia and other country too!

Love Perfume? Get a good deal now at Perfumemania.com!

Aug 23, 2010 |

This entry dedicated to perfume lovers! Now you can buy ORIGINAL perfume as from the counter at a good price from Perfumania.com. This online store also have few retail stores in US and they sell only original designer fragrances. For those craving for perfume that has been discontinue for sale in Malaysia, now is your chance to find your long lost friend :). I'll be adding this online store to my list! If you have anything you like as usual email me the urls of item/s  and I will quote you the price.

We're back OPEN!

Aug 17, 2010 |

Weheee! We're back open for new orders! You're welcome to email me the URLs of item that you would love to buy from US and I will reply your email with quotation. Some reminder before you send me the list of urls:
  • Pls. remember send the urls that link straight to the item you want not just the website - the stores have tons of items I would not spend my time to browse thru the website to look for item based on the items name given by you.
  • If the only url u have for the item is not specific enough - Pls. wrote the item Name with Code no or SKU no.
  • Pls. provide other details like - Size, Colors, Quantity
  • I've the right to not buy items that I feel the website/seller you choose is not reliable to me. Unless you want to use your own card/Paypal and shipped to my address. However I'll be not responsible for your parcel in case it didn't reach my address. You have to sort it out with your seller. 
  • Pls. expect 1-2 days delays to get reply from me - I'll not be able spend much with my lappy like I used before with the 4y old kids and 13days old (to date) newborn at home with me now :). So you patient is highly appreciated!
  • To those who are new to my service, you can visit my facebook album to see items that I've purchased for others and so far Alhamdulillah all of them safely reach the owner in Malaysia within 8-14 days.
*I've ready stock of some flannel, cotton woven and cotton interlock for sale. I'll update one i got time to do that hehe! Take care! Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa!


Salam and Hi everyone!

I'll be closing for new orders starting from 1st Aug - 15th Aug. 2010. I need a break to settle down with the soon-to-be-born-baby, (hopefully will be born during the closing time :P, Yasmin will be going to ECE school starting 19th Aug and we need to do preparation for that, getting her immunized, registration etc..etc, dear hubby will on his exam week, project presentation will be during that period too. And...Ramadhan is coming, sadly I'll be missing my Ramadhan this year, no tarawikh for me :(. Yes, everything comes at one time and yes the MGs do need a break :).

Those who placed order and made payment don't worry because I'll settle all remaining orders accordingly and get it shipped to Malaysia latest by 1st week of Ramadhan. This is the reason why I ask for full payment for the recent orders. Easy for me to keep track orders and payment before I take off with family matters next week :).All enquiry emails can be sent to my inbox and you may expect delays on my replies.

Okes.. have a 4-6 parcels that must leave my working area today! We need space too ahaks! Those who owe me BOP and your item is RTS pls. make your BOP asap so I can make arrangement for shipment unless you want to add more order to combine shipping.

*So if you want to place order make it fast by 31st July 2010! Only order with full payment will be process

Fabrics.com is having Clearance Sale! 20-65% Off!

Jul 27, 2010 |

Hi everyone! Fabrics.com is having 20-65% off for items in their stores! Lots of fabric to choose from! For those looking for minky at low prices, I saw some prints are on 50% off!

And don't forget to check out their $3.95.yard sale too!

Check out my new US online store list!

Jul 22, 2010 |

Hi everyone,

I have been compiling a list of US online store that sells various items. From fabrics, diaper making supply, fashion, kids, craft and etc. I have listed the link on the side bar so you can browse their online store at your own time without me having to collect pics from them and add to my blog. Which I believe in this way I offer more freedom to my client to buy what ever you all want at a very good price! Since different people have different preference item, i tried to fill those needs by creating a list of online store that is reliable for all of us. I have separate the list into a few category as follow:
  • Craft: All you need for your craft project, from fabrics, ribbons, tools, buttons, sewing notion, cake decoration, painting, decoupage n macam2 craft supply lah. 
  • Diaper Making: Some people asking for diaper making supply like zorb, PUL, cotton velour, fold over elastic (FOE), organic or bambo fabrics, cotton interlock, flannel, fleece and etc lah. Now you can get supply for diaper making and sew your own cloth diapers!
  • Fabric: What else I would explain? Helllooooo!
  • Fashion: Handbag, shoes, apparels, shades... you name it! Send me email of other brand that you would to see in this list :). 
  • Kids: All about kids from apparels, gears to toys!
  • Marketplace: Almost everything offered here, mak ayah je tade jual. I will review seller rating before agree to place any order for you :). 
These list will be growing from time to time. So feel free email me to add any US online store that you love! Adios!

1st Batch MG Ribbon Retreats Spree
Status: Closed with 15% less for those who joined!
Spree 1: Nadiah - $138.64 b4 less
Spree 2: Norshida - $125.47 b4 less
* Pls check your email for order details and payment instruction. Thanks!

 100% Cotton Knit by Patty Young
Min order is 0.5 yard
This is cotton knit from Patty Young fabric collection. Cotton knit is like shirt material, slightly heavy from 100% cotton quilt/fashoin weight. This knit shrink up to 20%, supplier recommend that you purchase 1/4 – 1/2 yard more than required and pre-wash before cutting. Click here to get some idea what others have done with this collection!

Refer codes here: 

Hi everyone,

One of my supplier having sale on all Patty Young fabrics. This promotion valid untill 12 July 2010 which it fall on 13 July Malaysia time! So hurry up place your order. Price after discount are as follow:

100% Cotton - Playdate
RM45.00/yard After less RM39.20/yard
Min order is 1/2 yard
100% Cotton - Flora & Fauna, Mezzanines, Andalucia
RM49.00/yard After less RM39.20/yard
Min order is 1/2 yard

100 Cotton Knit by Patty Young
RM62.00/yard After less RM49.60/yard
Min order is 1/2 yard

Sewing Pattern: 
Price RM45.00 After less RM36.00
Price RM65.00 After less RM52.00

This promotion exclude Andalucia Designer Sampler. 
You can see Patty Young item here and here

Ok this entry gonna be very longgggggggggg entry lots of pic from mostly all thing that has been produced by my favorite designer Patty Young. ( I enter her giveway last week but mcm biasalah no luck at all..sob..sob..) Yesterday one of you Y! me and asking for Patty Young stuff...so here you are! I lay down all thing that comes from creative mind of dearly Patty Young. Have fun!

We start with her fabrics first then we go to the sewing pattern ok! Click on each image for larger view.

100% Cotton - Playdate
Min order is 1 yard
Ideas? Click here and be amazed what has been done with this collection

Refer to code here:

100% Cotton - Flora & Fauna
Min order is 0.5 yard
Ideas? Click here and be amazed what has been done with this collection

Refer to code here:

100% Cotton - Mezzanines
Min order is 0.5 yard
Ideas? Click here and be amazed what has been done with this collection

Refer to code here:

100% Cotton -Andalucia
Min order is 0.5 yard
Ideas? Click here and be amazed what has been done with this collection
 FYI, Michelle Miller (manufacturer) has stop producing Andalucia, so what ever left in the retail store will be the only stock they have on the market, if you like it's time to buy before everyone grab it!

 Refer codes here:

24 different design from Andalucia collection
*each 1/8 yard fabric cut is 4.5" x 44"
Ok now the Sewing Pattern part. Pls. don't email me asking if I sew these pattern and sell as end product - No..no..no..I am just offering you the sewing pattern. What is sewing pattern? Go to my FAQ page ok dear :P.

Only Surf & Turf Tote Bag is RM45.00
The rest is RM65.00
Not included shipping to M'sia
To know the details of each pattern please on this link.
You will be link to my picasa album with details that you might want to know about each pattern.

  • All prices listed here maybe vary from time to time depends on supplier price. 
  • You may visit Patty Young website here for more ideas.

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