Hi Coachies!

See what I've got in my mail box today. Coach sure love me a lot hahah! Do i need a reason to spend hah? :P So those who missed the spree last November, now is you turn to splurge!!

Okes..kepada anda2 yg berminat silelah click link nih utk tgk price list. Pls. baca apa yg i tulis dalam pdf. file nih. This card ade limit quantity to purchase, kalo lah exceed limit I will drop order those came in last. So if you came first with full payment, you've save your spot :). Go to and pick your goodies now!

To order send me email with subject  - (Your name) : Coach Holiday 2010
1. Style No, Color, Qty.

And I will reply you with total and estimation shipping cost to Malaysia. This time around all item will be shipped direct to you from US.


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