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Jul 22, 2010 |

Hi everyone,

I have been compiling a list of US online store that sells various items. From fabrics, diaper making supply, fashion, kids, craft and etc. I have listed the link on the side bar so you can browse their online store at your own time without me having to collect pics from them and add to my blog. Which I believe in this way I offer more freedom to my client to buy what ever you all want at a very good price! Since different people have different preference item, i tried to fill those needs by creating a list of online store that is reliable for all of us. I have separate the list into a few category as follow:
  • Craft: All you need for your craft project, from fabrics, ribbons, tools, buttons, sewing notion, cake decoration, painting, decoupage n macam2 craft supply lah. 
  • Diaper Making: Some people asking for diaper making supply like zorb, PUL, cotton velour, fold over elastic (FOE), organic or bambo fabrics, cotton interlock, flannel, fleece and etc lah. Now you can get supply for diaper making and sew your own cloth diapers!
  • Fabric: What else I would explain? Helllooooo!
  • Fashion: Handbag, shoes, apparels, shades... you name it! Send me email of other brand that you would to see in this list :). 
  • Kids: All about kids from apparels, gears to toys!
  • Marketplace: Almost everything offered here, mak ayah je tade jual. I will review seller rating before agree to place any order for you :). 
These list will be growing from time to time. So feel free email me to add any US online store that you love! Adios!


Yan said...

yeay! i've been reading lots bout joann from other bloggers in us. now i can check out what they have since u are offering this great service. Thanks a lot!

Melor Rahman said...

Yey! Check out their website!

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