Salam everyone,

It's Joann Black Friday this weekend 26-28 Nov! So I'm passing some good deal on flannel! Regular price is $5.99, on sale for $1.29!!!

Please read this carefully before placing order.

1. Your price is RM25/y. Termasuk ship to M'sia but not Poslaju. Poslaju will be added based on total yard you order as follow:

1-3 yards : RM6
4-6 yards : RM8
7-10 yards : RM10

2. Send me your order in this format to my email mamamelorATgmailDOTcom with subject : Your Name : Flannel Black Friday.

Order : (example; No 30- 2y, No 45: 1y)
Back-up order:

*Please includes back-up selection in case the one u choose is out of stock. This is MUST. If not you'll end up getting refund if fabric u want is out of stock. Imagine ppl will be line up in the early morning before Joann open on 26 Nov and I might be one of them to grab you order..if i'm not that lucky, your prints might run out. So..having a back up is the best and i can get other prints for you.

3. I will reply ur email with total to be paid. Full payment must be in by 26 Nov 2010 Malaysia date.

4. This spree box will be ship to Malaysia on 29 Nov 2010. Expected to arrived Malaysia around 10 Dec - 15 Dec 2010. Then will be Poslaju to you after that.

5. For those who already have personal order with me but your box has not been ship to M'sia yet, your price is RM13/yard. This excludes who joined COACH spree.

6. Please, please not email me asking for price i've mention if up not email me asking for discount..if you buy 100y pon..that;s the best price i can give. do not email me with incomplete info that i asked above. do not email me asking to order design that I didn't tag with number and don't ask why :).

7. Remember you save a lot on Black Friday sale, it doesn't involve US ground shipping cost because I myself will be going to the Joann store nearby my home. So pls. be considerate.'s the pictures of flannels. 100 prints to choose from! Click on picture for larger view.

Owh before I forgot..flannel can be used to make kids bedding set, blanket, swaddle, burp cloth, cloth wipes, cloth pad, cloth diaper, pjs etc lah.


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