Love Perfume? Get a good deal now at!

Aug 23, 2010 |

This entry dedicated to perfume lovers! Now you can buy ORIGINAL perfume as from the counter at a good price from This online store also have few retail stores in US and they sell only original designer fragrances. For those craving for perfume that has been discontinue for sale in Malaysia, now is your chance to find your long lost friend :). I'll be adding this online store to my list! If you have anything you like as usual email me the urls of item/s  and I will quote you the price.

We're back OPEN!

Aug 17, 2010 |

Weheee! We're back open for new orders! You're welcome to email me the URLs of item that you would love to buy from US and I will reply your email with quotation. Some reminder before you send me the list of urls:
  • Pls. remember send the urls that link straight to the item you want not just the website - the stores have tons of items I would not spend my time to browse thru the website to look for item based on the items name given by you.
  • If the only url u have for the item is not specific enough - Pls. wrote the item Name with Code no or SKU no.
  • Pls. provide other details like - Size, Colors, Quantity
  • I've the right to not buy items that I feel the website/seller you choose is not reliable to me. Unless you want to use your own card/Paypal and shipped to my address. However I'll be not responsible for your parcel in case it didn't reach my address. You have to sort it out with your seller. 
  • Pls. expect 1-2 days delays to get reply from me - I'll not be able spend much with my lappy like I used before with the 4y old kids and 13days old (to date) newborn at home with me now :). So you patient is highly appreciated!
  • To those who are new to my service, you can visit my facebook album to see items that I've purchased for others and so far Alhamdulillah all of them safely reach the owner in Malaysia within 8-14 days.
*I've ready stock of some flannel, cotton woven and cotton interlock for sale. I'll update one i got time to do that hehe! Take care! Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa!


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