Salam and Hi everyone!

This is for COACH Lover or soon-to-be COACH owner hehehe this entry is for you.
I received this newsletter in my inbox this morning!
COACH US will be having sale! 25% off on all items from 5-14 Nov.
Perhaps this is a good time to buy!!!

Dream no more! Go cuci mata at coach website now!

Email me for prices! I wont bite! :P



receive 25% off


Baby Bee said...

sis....kalau nak beli...bayar semua ke amount tuh? or deposit first....interested..but i think in the table rite..there is some mistake la sis..the 98 dollar punyer..harga die cam tersilap..can u check sis...thanks..balas secepat munkin tau...

Melor Rahman said...

thanks bee..i pon tak perasan. jap gi i resend yg updated. full payment on confirm order.

jemy said...

melor..can i have the price list as

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