Salam and Hi everyone!

I'll be closing for new orders starting from 1st Aug - 15th Aug. 2010. I need a break to settle down with the soon-to-be-born-baby, (hopefully will be born during the closing time :P, Yasmin will be going to ECE school starting 19th Aug and we need to do preparation for that, getting her immunized, registration etc..etc, dear hubby will on his exam week, project presentation will be during that period too. And...Ramadhan is coming, sadly I'll be missing my Ramadhan this year, no tarawikh for me :(. Yes, everything comes at one time and yes the MGs do need a break :).

Those who placed order and made payment don't worry because I'll settle all remaining orders accordingly and get it shipped to Malaysia latest by 1st week of Ramadhan. This is the reason why I ask for full payment for the recent orders. Easy for me to keep track orders and payment before I take off with family matters next week :).All enquiry emails can be sent to my inbox and you may expect delays on my replies.

Okes.. have a 4-6 parcels that must leave my working area today! We need space too ahaks! Those who owe me BOP and your item is RTS pls. make your BOP asap so I can make arrangement for shipment unless you want to add more order to combine shipping.

*So if you want to place order make it fast by 31st July 2010! Only order with full payment will be process


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