Happy holiday to all!

Dec 25, 2010 |

Just to let everyone know that I'll be away for 2-3 days and will only hv limited internet access. Plus I've guests sleepover at our house so most of time I'll be apart from my lappy. All shipping be done once i come back from my trip to Rocky Mountain & Colorado Spring around 29-30 Dec. I'll reply emails/pm/comments once I got the chance to online. I'll be fully at your service on 1st Jan 2011!

Those who ordered and paid for COACH, Leapfrog, Nine West, Baby Phat, Avent bottle, Baby Jorn Carrier, Carters, Fabric.com, book on ebay, sewing pattern all of your order has arrived safely at my house. I'm not expecting any parcel to arrive next week.

If ..if..if.. anyone buying something and your parcel is expected to arrive my home within 26-31 Dec..pls pls pls send me email with title URGENT! (Your Name) so that i can make arrangement to make sure ur parcel arrive at my door safely.

With this I close all personal order/spree for 2010. Thanks a lot to everyone for making Moleygarden US Shopping Spree Jun - Dec 2010 a success story! Alhamdulillah! All new order that come in will be place on 1st Jan 2011. Hope next year spree will be another success story to tell! InsyaAllah. Happy holiday to everyone!

10% extra off Leapfrog Items! Slash over slash

Dec 20, 2010 |

25-75% off and free shipping on everything plus an extra 10% off on all discounted item..slash over slash..Yup! You read me right!

Here's price list of items..i might left out some of it, email me those prices that I missed. Go to www.leapfrog.com to choose your goodies. 

$79.99 - RM298
$74.99 - RM279
$68.99 - RM257
$55.99 - RM208
$49.99 - RM186
$46.99 - RM175
$42.99 - RM160
$39.99 - RM149
$34.99 - RM130
$29.99 - RM112
$19.99 - RM74
$18.99 - RM70
$15.99 - RM60
$14.99 - RM56

Prices good as long as WINTER10 promo code can be use. As usual email me links of items u want to mamamelor at gmail dot com and I will reply u with totals

Love quilted things? You got to see this!

Dec 16, 2010 |

I'm on my way to finish up my son and his cousin Akid, a baby quilt. We had 2 tiger cubs this year hehe. As I'm browsing through I stumble upon Vera Bradley websites. I've seen their store during my trip to Colorado Mills last few months. They also have one store in Park Meadows too. If you or a person you knew love quilt or love quilted stuff..this might be the perfect holiday treat for yourself or a gift to someone you love. To my crafter visitor, their creation might inspire you to create such an adorable creation. Jom cuci mata and get inspired!

Picture from thepheonix.com

Salam and hi everyone!

It's holiday season here. Well..I'll be going to Park Meadows on Saturday 18th Dec 10 US Time (19 Dec M'sia Time) to buy few custom order. my main to-go store is Victoria Secret. If ..if..if. you have anything in mind that you would like to have, send me link of item and I will quote you price. Full payment is required to my Maybank account on all confirm orders. If..if if the item you want not available at the store, I will either refund your money or we can order it online when i got back home :). There are tons other shop in Park Meadows. You can see the shop listed at this link. I can stop by at these shop if anyone want anything from there. This save you RM21-40 on US ground shipping if I were to order the items online for you. So! grab this chance. See what u like..send me link to my email mamamelor @ gmail .com (without space) in this format ok ladies!

Subject:  Park Meadows Spree Dec10 - (Your Name)
Link of item - qty, color, size (if any), type (if applicable)

I will reply you with price in RM and estimated shipping to M'sia. If ..if..if ..if...i got a very good respond from everyone to join this spree I might open a Large FRB to coop shipping your items in bulk to M'sia, so everyone can throw their stuff in as long as it fit in the box, you all will share the shipping cost to M'sia, and it will be Poslaju by my partner in M'sia.

Ok to help you started, here are the websites that you can go to pick your holiday goodies!

Aish..banyak lah yang kalo list semua..hahah click link utk tgk shop apa yg ade kat Park Meadows nih..owh btw, there are Babies'R US and Toy'RUS nearby the PM mall that I can stop by if anyone want anything.

p/s: someone gonna kill me for this ads hahah!

SPANX at 10% off!

Dec 8, 2010 |

I've 10% discount card for SPANX item at www.spanx.com if anyone woud like to get anything from SPANX this is the time. Discount card from SPANX is very rare. So! If anyone would like to get anything from SPANX email me. This promotion close on 15 Dec 2010. 10% off all SPANX items. One coupon means on time purchase only.

To order email me subject: Your Name: SPANX 10%
Includes links of items, style no, color, size, qty.

I will email back with discounted price 10%.

Ship to M'sia is around RM42 in flat rate envelope. Can fit up to 3 SPANX.
If you order more than 3 i will quote saperately. So! gather ur friends and combine your shipping to M'sia with them and enjoy SPANX this New Year Eve!

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