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See the colors? Tempting? Now you can get grosgrain ribbon in so many colors, soooooooooo many prints and design and not to mention sizes plus other bow making supply direct from US! Even some fabrics too! You can order everything sell in this website and I will assist you to place order, ship to my US home address and I will ship it to you to Malaysia and you can combine with other stuff too!

All you need to do is:
  1. Find a quite time to browse thru the items ( i know u all akan rambang mate!)
  2. Keep a list of url of item you wanted to buy and how many u want!
  3. Pastu email me the list and I will send you a quotation. 
  4. If your purchase eligible for FREE Ground Shipping, or item you want are on sale, I'll pass the discount to you! Jgn risau ok!
*My service fee may apply and US sales tax (if any I will let you know). Email me for details. TQ!


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