• Pre-Order Hunky Dory Collection by Chez Moi (Moda)
  • RM48.00/yard or RM24.00/ half yard
  • Jelly Roll 2.5"x 44" (40 diff design) : RM160
  • Layer Cake 10"x10" (40 diff design) : RM160
  • Charm Square 5"x5" (40 diff design) : RM44
  • Min. order is half yard.
  • Fat quater and jelly rolls are available!
  • Weight: 100% Cotton Quilt/fashion
  • Width: 44" (112cm)
  • Price listed here maybe vary from time to time depends of the supplier.
  • See what others have done with this collection here.
Charm Square

Layer Cake

Jelly roll

 Refer picture below for codes (save my time typing in each codes no :P)


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