Hi everyone! I added Knit fabrics in the listing today. For those who didn't know what is knit fabric it's like your t-shirt material. It's stretchy and cotton base. This fabrics would be nice for your cloth diaper projects, baby wipes and lined with minky fabric, plain flannel or terry cloth. Other type of fabric available by request.

  • Pre-Order Knit Fabrics
  • RM40.00/yard
  • Min. order is 1 yard.
  • 100% Cotton Knit
  • Width: 56-58"
  • Price listed here maybe vary from time to time depends of the supplier.
  • Let's rocks your cloth diaper collection with prints and patterns! You can make receiving blankets, wipes cloths, pillow case for your little one or yourself!
  • Click on each image for larger view 
 From left to right:
Row 1: K01, K02, K03
Row 2: K04, K05, K06
  From left to right:
Row 1: K07, K08, K09
Row 2: K10, K11, K12
From left to right:
Row 1: K13, K14, K15
Row 2: K16, K17, K18
  From left to right:
Row 1: K19, K20, K21
Row 2: K22, K23, K24
From left to right:
Row 1: K25, K26, K27
Row 2: K28, K29, K30
From left to right:
Row 1: K37, K38, K39
Row 2: K40, K41, K42


Mama Amni&Ahnaf said...

Kak Melur..

kain2 ni wat jahit tudung takleh ke ek? cantik tol design! huhu :P

Melor Rahman said...

Salam Mama Amni,

Nk wat jahit tudung boleh gk. ecsp. tudung syria. cuma die tak jatuh mcm lycra..dia ala-ala kain t-shirt.

Lynn Nasir said...

salam kenal,

alamak!!!! sgt menawan hati..oh..terliur sgt ^^ i follow u la nk ikut ur stocking progress. kalau ada rezeki, i'll order some fab from u..OMG!! :D___

Melor Rahman said...


I didn't stock items. Kalo ade pon tak byk. Most are pre-order. U can find corak yg u nak on web and let me know nanti I quotekan price :)

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