Pre-Order: Tanya Whelan - Darla Collection

May 26, 2010 |

  • Pre-Order Darla Collection by Tanya Whelan
  • RM48.00/yard or RM24.00/ half yard
  • Min. order is half yard.
  • Fat quater and jolly rolls price is available upon request.
  • Weight: 100% Cotton Quilt/fashion
  • Width: 44" (112cm)
  • Price listed here maybe vary from time to time depends of the supplier.
  • Click here to see what others do with this collection of fabrics! You will be amazed - Dresses, kids apparels, begs, skirts, quilts and many more! Sesuai for baju kurung/kurung moden, blouses too!
 Click on image for large view.

From left to right:
  • Row 1: TW21 Fuchsia, TW22 Blush, TW22 Sky, TW10 Yellow, TW16 Pink
  • Row 2: TW21 Blush, TW19 Red, TW20 Pink, TW20 Yellow, TW19 Green
  • Row 3: TW22 Mint, TW16 Blue, TW20 Red, TW21 Blue, TW20 Green
  • Row 4: TW21 Butter, TW22 Green, TW22 Yellow, TW22 Rose, TW21 Fuchsia


fathinz md nor said...

awak, jgn post brg kite dulu. kan dah pening tgk TW nih plak..

Melor Rahman said...

okie dokie! yg dh order tu melor dh process. kalo nk tambah corak lain email melor okes!

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