• Pre-Order Nicey Jane Collection by Heather Bailey
  • RM44.00/yard or RM22.00/ half yard
  • Min. order is half yard.
  • Fat quater and jolly rolls price is available upon request.
  • Weight: 100% Cotton Quilt/fashion
  • Width: 44" (112cm)
  • Price listed here maybe vary from time to time depends of the supplier.
  • Click here to see what others do with this collection of fabrics! You will be amazed - Dresses, kids apparels, begs, skirts, quilts and many more!

From left to right:
  • Row 1 : HB13 Dandelion, HB19 Sky, HB19 Lemongrass, HB14 Dove
  • Row 2 : HB18 Lagoon, HB 22 Moss, HB15 Blue, HB12 Cream
  • Row 3 : HB14 Gold, HB16 Blue, HB21 Grass, HB20 Green
  • Row 4 : HB22 Green, HB15Green, HB18 Gold, HB12 Sky
  • Row 5 : HB18 Sky, HB17 Splash, HB19 Olive, HB20 Blue

From left to right:
  • Row 1 : HB12 Olive, HB22 Rose, HB17 Clementine, HB18 Cream
  • Row 2 : HB21 Pink, HB14 Olive, HB20 Pink, HB14 Cream
  • Row 3 : HB12 Tangerine, HB18 Moss, HB19 Pink, HB13 Pink
  • Row 4 : HB12 Cherry, HB15 Pinkm HB22 Tangerine, HB18 Tangerine
  • Row 5 : HB16 Pink, HB15 Tangerine, HB17 Celery, HB10 Slate


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