• Pre-Order Meadow Sweet Collection by Sandi Handerson
  • RM40.00/yard or RM20.00/ half yard
  • Min. order is half yard.
  • Weight:  100% Cotton Quilt/fashion
  • Width:  44" (112cm)
  • Price listed here maybe vary from time to time depends of the supplier.
  • Click here to see what others do with this collection of fabrics!
SDM01 Happy Butterfly PumpkinSDM02 Splashy Rose CitrusSDM03 Henna Garden Melon
SDM04 Meadow Dot BlushSDM05 Happy Butterfly BlushSDM06 Paper Snowflake Banana
SDM07 Vintage Paisley BlushSDM08 Splashy Rose PersimmonSDM09 Daisy Path Blush
SDM10 Grand Foliage BlushSDM11 Grand Foliage PetalSDM12 Grand Foliage Celery
SDM13 Chain Flower BlushSDM14 Chain Flower LimeSDM15 Henna Garden Brown
SDM16 Henna Garden PersimmonSDM17 Peony Plaid LimeadeSDM18 Paper Snowflake Celery
SDM19 Paper Snowflake PumpkinSDM20 Poppy Parade BrownSDM21 Splashy Rose Pumpkin
SDM22 Daisy Path CelerySDM23 Daisy Path PomegranateSDM24 Strawberry Fields
SDM25 Vintage Paisley Limeade SDM26 Poppy Parade Blush SDM27 Meadow Dot Citrus
SDM28 Strawberry Fields BlushSDM29 Peony Plaid BlushSDM30 Strawberry Fields Cream


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