Hi everyone. Joann flannel sale alert Jan 30 till Feb 12 (Denver time) - I got their newsletter in my mail box few days ago. Snuggle flannel will be on sale 58% - $2.50, your price is RM16/y for print and RM14 for solids (sorry the newsletter didn't say solid are on sale too or not..I'll confirm this once i got chance to stop by the store ok) I'm passing the deal it's cheaper than last week sale $2.99.

No 45, 58 and 138 are excludes becos it;s actually quilter flannel $7.99 :P sesat kat shelf snuggle flannel. Lucky to those who ordered those last week because i absorb the damage.

So send me your order in this format to my email mamamelorATgmailDOTcom with subject : Your Name : Joann Flannel

Order : (example; No 30- 2y, No 45: 1y)
Back-up order:

*Please includes back-up selection in case the your first choices are out of stock. This is a MUST. If not you'll end up getting refund if fabric u want out of stock. If i'm not that lucky, your prints might run out. So..having a back up is the best and i can get other prints for you. You can give me your backup choices as many as you want.

3. I will reply ur email with total to be paid and estimation ship to M'sia. I'll be going to Joann on

- 4th Feb - for all confirm order with full payment received by 3rd Feb
- 11th Feb - for all confirm order with full payment received by 10th Feb.
(*if weather permit)

4. Please, please please...do not email me asking for price i've mention if up there...do not email me asking for discount..if you buy 100y pon..that;s the best price i can give. Do not email me with incomplete info that i asked above. Do not email me asking to order design that I didn't tag with number and don't ask why :).

5. This doesn't involve US ground shipping cost because I myself will be going to the Joann store nearby my home. So pls. be considerate. Picture can be seen in this post http://moleygarden.blogspot.com/2011/01/salam-everyone-cotton-flannel-will-be.html


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