Salam everyone,

Cotton flannel will be on sale at Joann from 16-22 Jan 2011.

Please read this carefully before placing order.

1. Your price is RM18/y for printed design and RM16/y for solid color. Price doesn't includes ship to M'sia.

2. Send me your order in this format to my email mamamelorATgmailDOTcom with subject : Your Name : Joann Flannel

Order : (example; No 30- 2y, No 45: 1y)
Back-up order:

*Please includes back-up selection in case the your first choices are out of stock. This is a MUST. If not you'll end up getting refund if fabric u want out of stock. If i'm not that lucky, your prints might run out. So..having a back up is the best and i can get other prints for you. You can give me your backup choices as many as you want.

3. I will reply ur email with total to be paid and estimation ship to M'sia. Full payment must be in by 17th Jan 2011 M'sia time

4. Please, please not email me asking for price i've mention if up not email me asking for discount..if you buy 100y pon..that;s the best price i can give. Do not email me with incomplete info that i asked above. Do not email me asking to order design that I didn't tag with number and don't ask why :).

5. This doesn't involve US ground shipping cost because I myself will be going to the Joann store nearby my home. So pls. be considerate.'s the pictures of cotton flannels. Hundreds prints to choose from! Click on picture for larger view.


Lina said...

Kak Melor,

I wonder if the order still open just read it today.

Melor Rahman said...

Hi Lina,

I've done with the 1st batch order. You can still order since the sale at Joann will end on 22 Jan. So send ur order to my email at least by 20 Jan ok.

2t said...

Salam Melor, kak nak order hotmama pouch caranya mcm mana tq

eNesHiKe said...

kak melor,

are those fabric suitable for making dress?

Emily Zuraa said...

hi there, i just came tto browse ur site.. nice fabrics u have, . if i wanna order, is it still available,? and how much including the postage?

thanks dear.

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